Missing Classmates

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Betty Ann Allen (Betty Ann Allen)
Judith Etta Andrews
Lawrence Joseph Ashton (Lawrence Jose…)
Patricia Ann Baker (Patricia Baker)
Gennie Sue Bell (Gennie Bell Rhyne)
Rachael Lee Bell (Rachael Lee Bell)
Robert Dean Best (Robert Dean Best)
Jeanne Marie Boardman (Mrs. Mike Quinn)
Linda Lou Cambell
Audrey Dianne Cole (Mrs. John Boyd)
Clifford Darrell Crowder (Clifford Da…)
Mary Angela Davis (Mrs. Glenn Coley)
Linda Regina Dimeo (Mrs. Howard Stiwalt)
Ann Gaddis Drum (Mrs. Wayne Drum)
Barbara Jean Featherstone (Mrs. Barba…)
James Nelson Ferguson (James Nelson F…)
John Daniel Fowler (John Daniel Fowler)
Kenneth Ray Fowler (Kenneth R. Fowler)
Linda Lou Gibson (Linda Lou Gibson)
Judith Ann Gordon (Mrs. James Gibson)
Stewart Warren Grant (Stewart Warren …)
James David Grindle (James David Grindle)
Patsy Ann Hall (Patsy Ann Hall Parrott)
Margaret Christine Hamilton (Margaret…)
Stephen Cuthbert Hammill (Stephen Cut…)
Janice Sue Herring (Mrs. Paul Albertino)
Sandra Lea Hoffman (Sandra Lee Hoffman)
Judy Gayle Honeycutt (Judy Gayle Hone…)
Peggy Elaine Hopper (Peggy Elaine Hop…)
John Billy Jackson (John Billy Jackson)
Mary Burgin Kale (Mrs. Jim Huss)
Kenneth Robert Kirby, Jr. (Kenneth R. …)
Edna Elaine Kitchen (Edna Elaine Kitc…)
Laura Hughes Larson (Laura Hughes Larson)
Patricia Darlene Lee (Mrs. Don Guest)
Loretta Diane Loftin (Mrs. Tommy Hend…)
Ellen I. Catarina Lundgren (Ellen Cat…)
Marcella Diane Lutz (Marcella Diane Lutz)
Gerita Louise Martin (Mrs. William St…)
Grover Louis Mason (Grover Louis Mason)
Shirley Ann McCraw (Shirley Ann McCra…)
James Harrison Messick (James H. Messick)
Horace Garland Nations (Horace Garlan…)
Mary Carol Parrish (Mary Carol Parrish)
Robert Louis Peoples, Jr. (Robert L. …)
Garland William Queen (Garland Willia…)
Reginald Jack Rhyne (Reginald Jack Rhyne)
Michael Steven Robinson (Michael S. R…)
Linda Elizabeth Scott (Linda Elizabet…)
Becky Sue Shields (Becky S. Shields Va…)
Becky Elaine Smith (Becky Elaine Smit…)
Clarence Everett "Spike" Stevens III
Alyce Carol Stroupe (Mrs. Monte Riden…)
Catherine Geneva Styles (Catherine Ge…)
Kathryn Ann Suders (Mrs. Kathy Finch)
Milford Lee Webb (Milford Lee Webb)
Russell Eaton Weymouth (Russell E. We…)
Earl James Whisnant (Earl James Whisnant)
Carolyn Jenette Wilson (Carolyn J. Wi…)
Clemmie Diane Yarborough (Mrs. A. C. W…)